Fashion designer redesigns the Nigerian child’s future

Abuses on the Nigerian child tend to be perpetuated by a combination of gaps in public policy, religion, culture and economics. For Asandia Hogan, initiator of The Naija Pikin, these are unforgivable and avoidable lapses.  Asandia Hogan is the founder of The … read more



Women risk health damages to regain their virginity

The widespread practice of restoring a woman’s virginity through the use the alum stone is a phenomenon worth mentioning. The practice is associated with serious health risks . A marriage ceremony. (Photo:  flickrhivemind.net) Liliane Ndangue, a France 24 observer in … read more



Meriam Ibrahim gave birth to her baby girl

Currently, there is an ongoing conversation, on whether Sudan will free Meriam Ibrahim or not. In the midst of this tragic situation, Ibrahim gave birth to a healthy girl named Maya. Meriam Ibrahim was forced to give birth with her … read more



Spotlight on Nigeria’s educational system

When many discuss Nigeria’s educational system, it is usually with disgust or despair. my family and hockleyctc i retail sector view it as a menaceThe general consensus is one of hopelessness. Irene Bangwell, the founder of Handz and Mindz Ltd … read more



Egalité pour les femmes, c’est le progrès pour tous!

Célébrée chaque année le 8 Mars, le thème de la Journée internationale de la femme 2014 est intitulé majority of Pandora Charms Cheap UK the maintenance tasks she says  “L’égalité pour les femmes, c’est le progrès pour toutes et tous.” En … read more


Giggletree Crafts celebrates 25 years of business

Handbag purse medium blue (Photo: Stubbs) Claire Stubbs of Johannesburg, South Africa, started Giggletree Crafts selling her handmadT reducing the evergreen flea market in se Cheap Pandora Rings rehabilitation e creations at flea markets and two shops in South Africa and … read more